reviews for “araw sa palengke” (a day at the market)

This was one of the very first reviews we got for “Araw sa Palengke”.  It’s by my niece Erynn who lives in the U.S, who, after reading the book, says she wants to “learn Filipino now.”

The citation for “Araw sa Palengke’s” NCBA Best Reads award included a brief review:

Citation from the 1st National Children’s Book Awards 2010:

“Listen well,” her mother tells her. “Hold on to me tightly, ha? So you won’t get lost. And don’t point at things that you want me to buy for you.” And so the story begins with a promise: “Yes, Nanay, I promise.”

Early one morning, a little girl accompanies her mother to the market. They take readers with them. The market is hot and noisy, smelly and muddy, but it’s also fascinating and colorful, because it’s seen from a point of view that’s only about three feet tall. When they arrive home, and our little girl unpacks the bayong (bag) to find a surprise wrapped in newspaper at the bottom, it’s her joy we feel in the little dance that she does.

Araw sa Palengke is a true marriage of text and visual image. The story by May Tobias-Papa is gentle and straightforward, and the illustrations by Isabel Roxas are charming and finely detailed. The result is a lighthearted picture book that is nuanced, controlled, and thoroughly engaging. A really good read.

And here’s an excerpt of a really lovely review from award-winning illustrator Sergio Bumatay’s blog.  Read more here:

The literary style of the story can be likened to a japanese verse: direct, short, and simple words fully describe the wonder of a child going to a market. Even if the main character is a girl, any child can probably relate with her as she’s honest, smart, and quirky. This is probably the first local children’s book I have read that mainly invests on the importance of emotional intelligence. It subtly teaches a child that being patient and disciplined yields to pleasant rewards, and the joys of receiving it through hard work and a little sacrifice is priceless. This is what kids need nowadays when the words “instant” and “push-buttons” are just a click away.”

“Araw sa Palengke” is illustrated by Isabel Roxas and published by Adarna House. Available at major bookstores nationwide and online at the website of Adarna House.

ISBN 978-971-508-317-1
Author May Tobias-Papa
Illustrator Isabel Roxas
Language Filipino with English translation
Age Recommendation 5, 6, 7
Awards 2010 National Children’s Book Awards
Pedagogical values Can be used to teach nouns
Number of Pages 32
Weight 90 grams
Dimension 7 x9

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