Of dream-worlds and imaginary friends

I write and illustrate children’s books because I can dream up worlds—happily, both in words and in pictures.  In these dream-worlds, I am allowed to have imaginary friends, talk to them and enjoy their company for as long as I like.

Writing and illustrating books allow me to put on the book shelf a book I’ve always wanted to read.

But this is just me. Why do people write and illustrate books for children at all? What’s in it for them? Surely, although we all make picture books, our reasons for doing so would be as varied and as interesting as our writing and illustration styles.  I asked some writers and illustrators for their thoughts, and I was inspired by what they shared with me. Once in a while, I will be sharing  these thoughts with you—priceless nuggets of wisdom from the country’s favorite writers and illustrators for children whom I am privileged to call my dear friends.  Enjoy!


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