The Imaginarium of Mr. Robert Alejandro

Robert Alejandro is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who keeps himself busy with projects from clients such as HSBC, Ayala Land Inc., and R.O.X. On the side, Robert continues to design and create for the family-owned Papemelroti chain of specialty shops. Robert counts art, design, the Philippines and learning as his passions.


I love children’s books. I always have and so it was a natural progression.

A long time ago, I did question myself if my illustrating children’s books was a worthwhile activity. I was wondering if it served only the very few who could actually afford the books. That was till I was invited to a “street library” where books which me and my friends created were shared to kids who lived in poverty (books were brought to the children in big bayongs for an afternoon of reading and sharing). This experience convinced me that I was on the right path.

Found objects find new life as materials for Robert Alejandro’s art.  A prodigious blogger and sketcher, he fills numerous sketchbooks with whimsical and ingenious sketches, mostly of people, birds and places constructed around ephemera he picks up from his travels. (All photos courtesy of Robert Alejandro.) Find more of the products of Robert Alejandro’s wicked imagination here. See samples of his design and illustration projects here.


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