Russell Molina revisits Childhood.

Russell Molina writes and illustrates books for children in between deadlines at work as a creative director in an advertising agency. His work, both as an illustrator and writer of children’s books, has won him accolades from the PBBY, the Don Carlos Palanca Awards for Literature, and the National Children’s Book Awards.


I have deep respect for children. They are original thinkers and creative geniuses. I write books for them so once in a while I get to visit that wonderful place inside their heads where true imagination resides. There are no rules there. No boundaries. No limits. I write for myself so I can grab that rare opportunity to become child-like again. I write for children so I can say “thank you” for letting me into their world.

(Above) “Tuwing Sabado” has won, for Russell, both a Don Carlos Palanca Award for Literature and a Best Reads citation from the National Children’s Book Awards. (Below) Russell’s desk. Russell asked an organizer-maker to customize a 14-pocket inspiration board. He hangs this on the wall in front of his desk. “So anything and everything that inspires me, I put it here,” he says. “Usually I have postcards, poetry, pictures and clippings in front of me. It helps when I create stories and commercials. Saya!” (Photos courtesy of Russell Molina.)


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