A story of greed, obsession and deception—for kids.

C had a challenge for me when we brainstormed for the fourth and last book in the Oishi Peso Smart Kids series. He said, what if we made a picture book based on Denis Diderot’s “Regrets sur ma vielille robe de chambre ou avis a ceux qui ont plus de gout que de fortune” (Regrets on my dressing gown or advice to those who have more taste than fortune). Off the top of my head, I told him the story won’t fit into the current format, because Diderot was an adult character, and it would be a biography. I tried to sway him by suggesting other topics, but he was firm and he was convinced that we should do it.

Good thing C had faith I will mull it over till I got a story, and in no time I was able to think of a story. Then we spent several meetings spread over a year fine-tuning the story before we turned the manuscript over to the magical hands of Beth Parrocha Doctolero. The book is now printed, and will soon be available as freebies in your favorite Oishi Cuckoo bag this Christmas. All four Oishi Peso Smart titles are now available at Fully Booked Boni High Street. Buy your copies now! Or read online, for free!


2 thoughts on “A story of greed, obsession and deception—for kids.”

  1. Hi Ms. May! Can I invite you to be a partner volunteer for our financial literacy coalition for Filipino children/youth and OFW’s? It’s called Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy.

    We believe that the Filipino children must be trained from kindergarten years to become good financial decision-makers later in life.

    We are also urging more OFW’s to become OFI’s (overseas Filipino investors) and start a new financial revolution in the country.

    Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

    1. Hi Burn,
      Sounds interesting: I totally agree with your group’s belief that OFWs and their kids should be financially literate, but I believe they should do this not necessarily just by investing, but by working toward financial independence so they can go back and be with their families. I am also for the government providing incentives to the business sector to provide more jobs to our countrymen so they will not have to leave for overseas work anymore. Also, what does it take to be a “partner-volunteer” in your group? And, what will this “financial revolution” consist of? So sorry for the questions, but I’ve just had too many requests from groups and individuals asking me to do “volunteer” work for them but are actually just hoping they can get my services for free, and so you can understand why I am bit wary of such invitations. I am a professional writer and illustrator, and occasionally, a workshop facilitator for children, and this is how I make a living. On my own, I am already doing my bit, I believe, in teaching Filipino kids to be financially enlightened. Thanks for your note.
      Warmest regards,

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