I am May, a writer and illustrator of children’s books from the Philippines.  I published my very first children’s book, “Estrellita: The Little Wishing Star” in 1995, and it’s about—you guessed it—a little wishing star.  I am very passionate about reading, writing and books—and the reason why I put up this blog was because I had to find a venue for all my words that would not otherwise, and possibly, ever find their way into a printed page.


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  1. I got this email by mistake and forwarding it to you:


    Dear Ms. Papa,

    Warm greetings from Sa Aklat Sisikat! We write to you today to give you a more complete background of our Foundation and to invite you to participate in our seventh annual, SAS Gurong Kaakbay Pilipinas Conference (GKPC).

    Sa Aklat Sisikat (SAS) is a not-for-profit, accredited Philippine organization that promotes the love and habit of reading in Filipino children. Our vision is to build a nation of readers. With the support of the Philippine Department of the Education (DepEd), SAS runs innovative Reading Programs and teacher training conferences. In the eleven years since our inception, we have brought our Reading Program to more than 868 public schools. Along the way, we have trained over 24,500 teachers and touched the minds of over 1,041,200 students nationwide.

    From 2009-2010, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) conducted a survey on the SAS Reading Program. The results of the survey demonstrated that the short term SAS Reading Program is an effective way of “cultivating good reading habits in children and, hence, improving their reading ability.”[1]

    While the Reading Program has brought positive results, we have become more convinced of the need to continue to strengthen the skills of educators, as the primary shapers of our nation’s future.

    In 2005, SAS launched its specialized program for teachers: Programang Kaakbay. The Programang Kaakbay builds the competencies of public school teachers, promotes pride in their profession, enhances self-esteem, and fosters greater solidarity amongst their peer group. The program empowers teachers as reading advocates by offering in-depth training and resource support to highly motivated teachers from partner schools. The program is composed of an annual 3-day conference called the SAS Gurong Kaakbay Pilipinas Conference (GKPC) followed by enrichment workshops.

    This year, the seventh annual SAS Gurong Kaakbay Pilipinas Conference will be held from May 30 (Wednesday) to June 1 (Friday) 2012 at the Ateneo de Manila Loyola campus.

    Our theme is “Nurturing Teachers As Readers and Writers”. This year’s Conference will address the teachers’ need for continuing professional development in reading and writing. It will be a dynamic conference to enhance their personal skills as readers and writers; develop in them greater confidence in delivering the subject matter they teach; and empower them and ultimately their students in achieving greater heights.

    SAS is pleased to invite you as a workshop speaker on May 31, 2012, Thursday, 1:45PM – 4:45PM on Spin Me a Tale: Writing Stories for Children.

    Your audience will be a group of approximately 30 specially selected teachers from public elementary schools nationwide. The venue will be one of the classrooms in the vicinity of the Escaler Hall in the Science Education Complex in Ateneo.

    We look forward to your workshop session at the Gurong Kaakbay Pilipinas Conference in May 2012.

    We are available for a meeting, at your convenience, should you have any questions. You may contact us at direct line 8828776 and look for yours truly or Ms. Dali Soriano, SAS Teacher Training Consultant.

    With our very best wishes,

    [1] http://www.povertyactionlab.org/evaluation/enabling-young-readers-primary-school-reading-program-philippines

    Marie Angeles
    Operations Manager
    Sa Aklat Sisikat Foundation, Inc.

    3rd floor, Carson Building
    Orense corner Del Carmen Streets
    Guadalupe Nuevo, 1212 Makati City
    Metro Manila, Philippines

    Mobile +63.927.294 9734
    Telephone +63.2.738 7227
    Telefax +63.2.882 8776
    Email marie@readerstransform.com
    Website http://www.readerstransform.com

  2. Wow! My first time to visit a blog of a Filipino children’s book writer^^* I love books. But when I was a kid, I don’t have books that are appropriate for my age to read. Now that I am grown-up, I read children’s books. I wish I could read and have a copy of your books^^*

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